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Forbidden Kinds of Wealth

193459 - Is it permissible to use the public water supply for washing cars? 201680 - He went to pay off what he owed to the telecommunications company, and they told him “You do not owe us anything.” Is his debt waived? 192149 - Does haraam wealth affect the acceptance of the sacrifice (udhiyah) if it was bought by a group, some of whose wealth is haraam? 175812 - Is it permissible to make use of money acquired by haraam means to relieve his financial hardship? 191979 - He stole money from the company and he is asking about the ruling on his prayer and other acts of worship 171922 - Ruling on accepting hospitality from one whose wealth is a mixture of halaal and haraam 104781 - Beggars: to which should we can and which should we refrain from giving to? 162873 - He wants to get French student assistance by submitting papers showing less than his real stipend 45016 - He stole from his father and brother, and now regrets it 150599 - He brings them juice without the owner of the restaurant knowing; what should they do? 169424 - Her mother deceived the state and got accommodation and benefits; does the burden of sin apply to her too? 153979 - Is it permissible to spend interest money on pets and other animals? 146475 - Taking electricity from someone else and renting out lights for playing football (soccer) 34551 - He died and left behind wealth on which he did not pay zakaah, and interest 44922 - Editing a book containing pictures 146558 - Some companies put the buyer in a pyramid scheme without him wanting that 146274 - He was sent overseas to study and they gave him a complete salary by mistake 72384 - Stealing electricity from the state on the grounds that it does not give its citizens their rights 74986 - Ruling on borrowing from one whose wealth is haraam 148697 - Ruling on making an application for a loan from the property development fund for land that does not really belong to him