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Forbidden Kinds of Wealth

148697 - Ruling on making an application for a loan from the property development fund for land that does not really belong to him 40649 - Do not betray the one who betrays you 104076 - Is it permissible to take back a loan from a man most of whose wealth is haraam? 20876 - Taking interest and offsetting losses with riba 121895 - Ruling on working in a centre that corrects exam papers that include subjects that are contrary to sharee‘ah 39488 - It is not permissible for your father to accept what is given to him because of his work 142235 - If a person takes haraam wealth and invests it, is the profit permissible for him? 42909 - Taking a card and giving money to its owner and five other people, in a pyramid scheme 40157 - He is afraid that if he returns money that he stole before he was guided, he will be found out. What should he do? 96897 - His boss gave him the job of following up on some technical drawings, and he managed to save some money on that 40468 - Is it permissible for him to take the money left over by the students after a trip because he was not paid anything for supervising? 40245 - He is trying to get out of paying back to the property bank on the grounds that he has a right in the bayt al-maal 82617 - She works for a company that is partly owned by two riba-based banks. Is her work haraam? 107795 - He adds his brother’s produce to his own so that the government can market it without (the government) knowing 46645 - He is not going to be transferred, so should he take the relocation costs? 137919 - He wants to open a restaurant in which men will mix with women 49677 - Where should he deposit his money in these times when riba is so widespread? 31217 - Can she use things that her father takes from work unlawfully? 115206 - Ruling on using washrooms in restaurants without buying the food 32503 - Taking more than one’s salary from a company in a kaafir land