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Forbidden Kinds of Wealth

119839 - Ruling on opening a cafe in which people watch football (soccer) matches and smoke 125090 - Prohibition on receiving payment for reading the Holy Qur’aan 127227 - Ruling on taking possession of haraam wealth by means of inheritance 125801 - His company took insurance with an insurance company against loss of luggage; can he benefit from this contract? 114336 - Should they give a share to their brother who consumed their rights from their father’s estate? 106510 - He acquired some wealth by means of haraam shares; how should he get rid of it? 112149 - Ruling on what a photographer earned before he repented 114459 - She swore that she would not eat from their wealth unless they stopped dealing with bonds concerning which the scholars differed 20062 - He was given more money than he was entitled to 22914 - Is it permissible to do research for a student in return for payment? 47354 - Can traders agree on prices before they submit their tenders? 42567 - Ruling on participating in pension plans 22399 - Ruling on working for or buying magazines whose content is mostly haraam, as is the case with many women’s magazines, both Arabic and western 117423 - How should they deal with a relative of theirs who steals and consumes wealth unlawfully? 111691 - Ruling on opening a recreational facility and the ruling on the money earned thereby 96930 - She became Muslim and got married, but herm other is still receiving a pension 81702 - Is it permissible for him to ask the company for accommodation if it will be built with a riba-based loan? 98527 - Is it required to specify the length of the rental period, and what is the ruling on paying per click for advertisements? 104245 - He got a message telling him that he had won a prize and that he should pay shipping for it! 93377 - He saved the government some money; can he take compensation without their knowing?