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Business and Financial Transactions

177994 - Purchasing houses by instalments, with a condition stipulating a penalty for any delay in payment 211456 - Should damage caused by misuse be included in the company's warranty? 171944 - If the seller claims that he made a mistake about the price of the item, does the purchaser have to pay the difference? 192014 - There is nothing wrong with selling equipment that measures the levels of alcohol in the body 191814 - Ruling on exchanging an old phone for a new phone, and paying a sum of money in return for that 150579 - Conditions of valid muraabahah for the purchase of construction materials 194359 - Ruling on using points offered by airline companies 184445 - Is it permissible for her to get an invoice for medication from a pharmacy from which she did not get this medicine? 187114 - Ruling on making phone apps for some educational projects and selling them 184706 - Does he have the right to take possession of a house that was bought with his money that he used to send to his mother? 184816 - It is not permissible for a dealer to sell auto parts that he does not have in his shop, because that comes under the heading of selling what one does not own and does not have in one’s possession 65943 - She makes cards for festivals and sells them – is that permissible 126725 - His friends ask him to buy computers for them and he adds a profit for himself 104242 - Can he sell an item to someone who pays for it with a cheque from a riba-based bank? 172631 - Ruling on selling iTunes and internet cards for more than their price 172445 - Meaning of the hadeeth “Whoever sells a house or piece of land and does not put its price into something similar, will not be blessed therein” 170169 - Ruling on selling textbooks that contain pictures 173194 - Business sale 169367 - Ruling on buying machines by instalments through the bank 169358 - Ruling on buying diamonds on the Internet