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Business and Financial Transactions

171864 - Buying a car from the bank with a down payment to show commitment 170785 - Developing an iPhone program on a personal computer contrary to the agreement with the Apple company 171294 - He sold land to someone for a deferred payment, and that person sold it for a higher price; can the transaction be cancelled because of the loss? 171039 - Ruling on buying and selling Mushafs 167150 - Ruling on buying and selling land 41098 - Ruling on selling metals which are in the stores of the company that is keeping them 47889 - Does a trader have to stick to a certain profit? 146305 - Buying a foreclosed house if it is sold at auction because the borrower is not able to pay off the riba-based loan 146366 - Buying zakaah items after giving them to the poor person 150559 - Is it permissible to sell Zamzam water? 112008 - If his relatives want particular types of perfume, is it permissible for him to buy them and sell them to them? 147454 - He wrote in the contract a price higher than that which was paid, and took it from the neighbour 140603 - Buying real estate through the bank 146058 - Selling products by instalment for the cash price through the bank 143532 - Buying an item for a certain price and selling it for double the price 145674 - It is not permissible to add more to the price in return for adding something to the goods after agreeing on the price, unless that is done with the consent and knowledge of the purchaser 46667 - Can he rent the traditional set of jewellery and then return it to the jeweller in order to get married? 36408 - What conditions should be met in order for the bank’s purchase scheme (muraabahah) to be considered permissible 36397 - Giving up his place on the property investment waiting list in return for a sum of money 13960 - What is the fee when a sale is made?