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Business and Financial Transactions

13960 - What is the fee when a sale is made? 34510 - Taking a sample of clothing from a store and making something similar with the intention of selling it 13341 - Selling a product at different prices to different customers 21218 - Is it permissible to buy a company on condition that one pay off its debts? 129847 - He bought an apartment on the basis that it would be a certain area (square footage), and it was built larger. Does he have to pay the difference? 26817 - He stipulates an additional cost for purchase by installments, separate from the price 112163 - Ruling on fixing or maintaining mobile phones and selling them 20091 - Leasing a car 12946 - Father selling some of his property to one of his sons 126185 - The sale was done without witnesses and the seller denies it. Is it permissible to add the names of two witnesses to the contract? 33625 - “No returns or exchanges on goods sold” 126726 - Ruling on selling shares by instalments whilst leaving them in the name of the original owner 121361 - Increasing the price of meat so as to raise some money for the mosque 126392 - Ruling on discounts if instalments are paid before they are due 126624 - There is nothing wrong with selling live animals by weight 126425 - Ruling on buyer selling the land before the title deed has been issued 122062 - It is not permissible to rent a house to him on condition that he gives a loan 127142 - Ruling on buying a product for deferred payment through the bank 126566 - Shar’i guidelines on selling by instalments 126452 - Ruling on what is called a “promise to buy”