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Business and Financial Transactions

126564 - When the company buys the car and it comes into its possession, then it may sell it 126575 - The car is taken possession of by acquiring it and moving it from where it is, even if the official registration has not been completed 126618 - There is nothing wrong with buying from companies that sell by instalments if the product is in their possession 127619 - Ruling on buying an apartment from the bank by instalments 126393 - Ruling on increasing the price of an item for some customers and not others 69558 - Ruling on opening one’s business on the day of kaafir festivals 39507 - Selling animals by weight 117066 - It is haraam to sell an item without pointing out its faults, even if he is selling it to a kaafir 10676 - Ruling on one who sells a product to a person who is buying it with an interest-based loan 101903 - When is buying a large house considered extravagance? 26217 - Selling government airline tickets if one travels by land 108595 - The seller must disclose faults in the item to the buyer 98632 - Ruling on selling archaeological statues 59870 - Buying items from stores that sell alcohol 103066 - Buying fizzy drinks from a company that also makes alcohol 102609 - Ruling on selling water 98713 - He accepted a gift coupon – can he sell it for less than its value? 97489 - Ruling on children’s transactions 87638 - He bought land to be paid for in instalments. Does he have the right to sell it before paying off the price? 95403 - He bought three pieces of land then he sold two of them