126366 - The ministry takes interest-based loans from the bank and lends to the unemployed without interest 127142 - Ruling on buying a product for deferred payment through the bank 125238 - He bought shares by means of a riba-based loan; what should he do? 125501 - Ruling on opening an empty account in a riba-based bank 109938 - Can he enter into a muraabahah transaction to pay off a loan that he owes? 121787 - A riba-based trick when selling phone cards 110006 - Buying a house by instalments from the bank 112037 - Ruling on what gold retailers do of taking the gold from the wholesalers and paying for it in instalments 33709 - A company is offering a riba-based loan to its employees 83321 - Should he mortgage his house to a non-Islamic bank so that he can buy another house? 115815 - He gave his car to someone to sell it and buy a newer model for him. Is this riba? 30798 - Putting money in riba-based banks 117761 - Ruling on tawarruq involving metals via al-Jazeera Bank 110208 - Praying in a home that was built using an interest-based loan 118149 - Ruling on exchanging a large piece of land for another that is smaller but closer to the city? 102477 - Amaanah financing from HSBC 108105 - Working in an audit firm reviewing accounts which involve riba, insurance and taxes 117680 - The bank is offering to let him delay payment of a loan in return for some fees 110159 - Should she take a riba-based loan in order to complete her studies? 102457 - Estimating the amount of interest if it is mixed with the original money