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100381 - Do the heirs have to get rid of interest/riba? 98245 - Paying wealth acquired from interest to avoid compulsory conscription 99366 - Can he sell his house to someone who he knows is going to buy it with a riba-based loan? 101080 - Ruling on buying a house with riba in a kaafir country 99149 - Should he take a riba based loan to save his father from going to prison? 75674 - Taking a loan with interest in order to get married 22339 - Regarding riba as permissible 97896 - Ruling on taking part and working in savings accounts 95303 - Paying some money to the landlord in advance so that he will reduce the rent for him 89816 - The bank is asking him to open two accounts, one for saving, on the grounds that it will protect his money 98118 - Buying a flat by instalments when there is a clause in the contract that stipulates a penalty in the event of late payment 87542 - Should he take a riba-based loan if he does not intend to pay the interest? 94823 - He has been sentenced to prison. Can he take a riba-based loan to get out of it? 95300 - Can one give a gift to a friend for buying a house with a riba-based loan? 95005 - He took a loan with riba to buy a house under pressure from his father 85197 - He needs to pay the rent and he cannot find anyone who will lend him money; can he take a riba-based loan? 85151 - Should he take a riba-based loan to get medical treatment for his son? 93608 - Buying a car from someone who bought it with a riba-based loan 85562 - Repent to Allaah and you do not have to hasten to pay off the riba-based loan 12541 - It is haraam to pay interest because of inflation