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95395 - Can he get rid of interest by giving it to his married daughters? 93339 - He took a loan with interest and is paying it off with the interest from investment certificates at the bank 45929 - Should he buy shares in a company that puts its money in the bank and pays a part of the profits? 75565 - Buying from a grocery store on credit is not regarded as riba al-nasee’ah 82020 - Repenting from Partaking in an Interest-Based Transaction 89952 - He works as a trustee in a bank and he may have to write cheques for riba-based loans 91474 - The charges made by the bank when making a withdrawal when the account is empty 89873 - He worked as a company representative with the banks then he repented, but he handed over his job to someone else and trained him 91483 - If he moves his account to another bank they will add some money to his account 91630 - He bought a house with a riba-based loan; should she accept him as a husband? 89978 - Stipulating a penalty for late payment in purchase by instalment 22905 - Benefitting from a house that was built with an interest-based loan 90098 - He took out a riba-based loan to buy a house and now the bank is asking for interest 88133 - His father built a house with a riba-based loan. Should he get married in it? 45852 - Should he work in agriculture with a riba-based loan? 60007 - Using riba-based wealth to repair roads 69973 - Is it permissible to take a loan from the government’s social fund? 83074 - Should he take a riba-based loan in order to get married? 82669 - Depositing money in riba-based banks out of necessity, in order to protect the money 81952 - Can he get rid of interest by giving it to his brother who is in debt?