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Youth Counselling

147808 - He committed zina with a girl and wants to marry her, but her family are refusing and he has some questions 33651 - Dealing with the fitnah (temptation) of women 160965 - Wants to be Another Man’s Wife’s Husband in Paradise 66266 - She formed a relationship with a man over the phone, and she wants advice 60269 - She advised him and he came to thank her, and they committed zina 44833 - He committed the secret habit during the nights of Mina when on Hajj 39931 - He has repented from a relationship with a non-mahram woman but he still loves her and feels attached to her 49943 - He masturbated a great deal during Ramadaan – what should he do? 11266 - Ruling on taking sinners as friends 12663 - Ruling on a man kissing or hugging a woman on the grounds of friendship 34905 - Repent before it is too late 26985 - Fighting Temptations on TV and the Internet 45883 - He is studying in a mixed university; how should he deal with female teachers and students? 52502 - It is not permissible to say that you were present at a lecture from which you were absent 45281 - He caused some harm to his friends; does he have to tell them if he intends to repent? 47398 - How should a person fill his spare time? 49024 - He wants to look at women in the street with the intention of proposing marriage 27329 - She has repented from an illicit relationship but she wants to contact him in order to get married to him 49687 - He fell into the trap of visiting chat sites and talking to girls, but has now repented 20475 - When should a girl observe hijab?