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Business Partnerships

211262 - If his partner is absent from work, is it permissible for him to deduct from his earnings for that reason? 203106 - Salary for one who is a partner in a business on the basis of his expertise and work 198885 - They formed a business partnership; how should the profits be shared among them? 150113 - Guidelines on dealing with a diminishing-share partnership 166571 - Partner took money from the company without his partner’s knowledge 191327 - Employee compensating his company for what is owed to it by waiving some of his dues 186407 - Deciding on profit shares in a joint venture may be according to what the two partners agree on, not commensurate with each partner’s contribution to the capital 179611 - Is it permissible to deduct something from his partner’s portion of the profits in return for extra work that this partner’s partners do not recognize? 176286 - Ruling on participating in a riba-based loan 146554 - Ruling on selling land to a company and in return for payment in the form of shares in that company 48005 - Entering into a partnership with a person who deals with bribes and riba 147438 - Ruling on investing money in return for a share of the profit 129981 - He put the funds of the charity into a mudaarabah scheme and lost the money 9384 - Is it permissible to make wives partners in commercial companies? 69762 - Ruling on financial sponsorship; does it make a difference if the debt is transferred from one lender to another? 89923 - They are going to buy a house – should they put it in his name or hers? 65689 - He agreed with his partner that he would give him a fixed profit every month 45898 - A pyramid-marketing company that sells da’wah tapes 46595 - Is it permissible to subscribe to the “Tasweeq Net” company?