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131590 - How should he handle his wealth and how can he make a profit without incurring the wrath of Allah? 125758 - Ruling on dealing with the Islamic Forex 198281 - How can I repent from buying shares in haram companies? 149437 - Ruling on getting a loan from the bank in order to pay off a debt owed to another bank 225683 - Is there a concession allowing one who has repented from buying haraam shares to keep them in order to recover his or her capital? 201084 - Ruling on buying shares in a company that deals with metals for a monthly return 81967 - Muraabahah transaction in which an item is sold to the one who asked for it to be purchased 111774 - Is it permissible to invest zakaah funds? 133508 - Ruling on investing in the al-Baraka Banking Group 112445 - Ruling on buying and selling shares 34808 - Ten pointers for those who have lost money with investment companies 179611 - Is it permissible to deduct something from his partner’s portion of the profits in return for extra work that this partner’s partners do not recognize? 174397 - Ruling on opening a savings account in Dar as-Safa’, Morocco, which belongs to a riba-based bank 135427 - Selling by instalments to the one who issued instructions to buy 22933 - Ruling on shares in a car insurance company 144362 - Buying shares then selling them to get money for his brother (tawarruq) 147438 - Ruling on investing money in return for a share of the profit 125165 - He has a partnership in a commercial venture on the basis that every time they buy a dozen with his money, he will have ten riyals 120659 - Ruling on savings certificates with variable return from the Faisal Islamic Bank 137919 - He wants to open a restaurant in which men will mix with women