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101657 - Taking part in a knowledge quiz in return for an expected prize 98528 - Paying zakaah ahead of time and how to pay zakaah if his money is in the Islamic bank 96508 - He borrows money from his friend and returns the money to him with a share of the profit 8590 - Dealing in shares 100103 - He is investing someone else’s wealth and will bear half of the losses 96641 - Is it permissible for the da’wah office to take what is left over from a program to buy and distribute to the poor? 97751 - She wants to set up her own business to encourage women to work 98064 - If he knows that the company is going to take a riba-based loan, when should he sell his shares? 93376 - Ruling on establishing a newspaper for advertising 45929 - Should he buy shares in a company that puts its money in the bank and pays a part of the profits? 21127 - Ruling on buying shares in a foreign company 82873 - He has an internet café and is asking about his income 83969 - Ruling on short-term mudaarabah (buying and selling) in mixed and haraam shares 83575 - She has some orphans’ wealth in trust, and it may be consumed by zakaah; is she sinning if she does not invest it? 73296 - Taking part in the al-Raajihi national program for buying and selling Saudi shares in by installments 83227 - Investing in Bank al-Bilaad funds 35726 - How can he get rid of shares in riba-based banks? 72210 - Ruling on trading in currencies 70315 - Savings in the Post Office – how should he pay zakaah? 67657 - What is the ruling on buying and selling shares in the Islamic Bank?