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Credit Cards

184031 - He gave his wife her mahr: a ring that he bought with riba 157662 - Ruling on opening an account in the riba-based bank in order to obtain a “covered” credit card 147442 - Bank holding a certain amount of money in return for issuing a credit card 148028 - Ruling on prepaid credit cards from al-Ahli Bank 147775 - Ruling on gifts given to one who has a Visa card 104244 - Ruling on putting money on the MasterCard and then buying goods with it 129083 - Ruling on using a credit card that he has previously paid or “loaded” 129976 - Delegating someone to buy something using a credit card 128460 - Ruling on taking out a riba-based credit card in order to be able to withdraw one’s salary directly without any delay 128548 - He rents out the hotel to those who pay with credit cards and he delays going to the riba-based bank to get his money from it 126703 - He puts a certain amount of money on his credit card and buys things with it through the Internet 118034 - Using the Saudi-British Bank credit card only to make purchases 117522 - He used the credit card from the National Bank and was obliged to pay an extra amount for buying in instalments. 102055 - Withdrawing money with a credit card in return for paying a fee of 700 dirhams every three months 89787 - Working as a representative marketing credit cards 105062 - Ruling on credit cards of the Faisal Islamic bank 102744 - Selling goods to someone who pays with a credit card and giving a commission to the bank which is added to the price of the goods 101947 - Ruling on Mubaarak credit cards 96613 - Using a credit card with the intention of not delaying payment 97530 - Statement of the Fiqh Council on credit cards and taking fees for them