Business Contracts

176720 - Is it permissible to sell autographs of famous people? 152774 - He rented an apartment and left it before the end of the rental period; does he have to pay the outstanding rent? 140549 - If he is not selected in the lottery to buy land, his deposit will be returned to him with interest 36408 - What conditions should be met in order for the bank’s purchase scheme (muraabahah) to be considered permissible 105404 - Renter asking for money in return for ending the rental agreement ahead of time 105290 - Penalty clause and penalty for delay in an import contract 104815 - Buying a car from the car company via the company’s bank 70473 - Is it permissible to subscribe to a phone company and receive calls only without making calls? 98527 - Is it required to specify the length of the rental period, and what is the ruling on paying per click for advertisements? 96749 - Importing goods via the bank 87782 - He agreed with his colleagues that he would buy a product and sell it to them for more 75007 - Ruling on selling clothes when one does not know whether they will be used in halaal ways or haraam 75003 - Can he buy permissible things from a store that sells alcohol? 45042 - Ruling on tawarruq sales 59936 - Is it permissible to delay paying the price of gold and the cost of having it made into jewellery? 40752 - Ruling on selling exorbitantly expensive telephone numbers and “custom” licence plates 40000 - Selling by installments to the one who asked us to buy something 36410 - He bought a car by installments from the bank, then he sold it so that he could use the money to get married 10274 - Buying shares in a bank that does not deal in ribaa 2146 - ‘Aqd al-Istisnaa’ (contract to have something made or done)