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174411 - Ruling on selling a free Google blog 174427 - He wants to publish some video clips and put the name of his website on them; is it permissible for him to do that? 175071 - Is there any copyright on the Mushaf for the printer or programmer? 148221 - Does clicking on the “I swear by Almighty Allah” button on some CDs count as an oath? Is it within their rights to prevent the purchaser from doing what he wants with it? 174626 - He used copyrighted software to create his website, and he did not know that doing so was haraam 131437 - Her work is putting together da‘wah pamphlets and she takes quotes from here and there (instead of writing them herself) 175175 - He wants to start a project that is similar to the idea for a project that one of his acquaintances has 163183 - Ruling on buying study notes for which the owner has not given permission for them to be copied and sold 126897 - Is there any copyright on the Mushaf al-Tajweed for one who wants to put it into software for his mobile phone? 127236 - Ruling on downloading books that are not free from websites using hacking software and so on 38847 - Downloading lectures from the internet and distributing them for da’wah purposes 26307 - Copyright and the ruling on photocopying some parts of academic reference works 81614 - Ruling on buying copied computer programs 102352 - Copying programs, crack and serial 99558 - Ruling on printing books of the salaf or contemporary scholars and selling them – is it essential to have permission? 95173 - Ruling on copying programs 72848 - Using CDs copied from the operating system to set up and maintain computers 52903 - Copying tapes and CDs with the aim of distributing them 21899 - Intellectual property rights 454 - Copying computer programs