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Punishment and Judicial Sentences

176545 - Does the one who smokes marijuana come under the same ruling as the one who drinks alcohol? 185673 - He was late in delivering the money to the charity, and the money was stolen; is he liable? 176420 - She committed an immoral action with a young man, then he left her; should she wait for him to marry her? 205722 - Ruling on flogging a person who insulted Allah, may He be exalted, when he was intoxicated 83117 - Ruling on one who apostatises repeatedly 134490 - Ruling on items confiscated from students who break the rules 31234 - He bought things and has not paid for them 20327 - Why is the apostate to be executed in Islam? 130222 - Ruling on avoiding paying penalties and fines for traffic infractions 20824 - The reasons for capital punishment in Islam 47834 - Is repentance accepted if the hadd punishment is not carried out on a person? 108359 - If a slanderer repents, can his testimony be accepted? 115761 - Ruling on smoking various types of hasheesh (marijuana) 101972 - Ruling on honour killings 101781 - Is hacking into banks’ websites and transferring money from them regarded as stealing that incurs the punishment of amputation? 96702 - If the prayer of a wine-drinker will not be accepted for forty days, will his Hajj not be accepted either? 96739 - Punishment of one who carries alcohol and delivers it to someone else 79142 - Can he accept money in return for being beaten and humiliated in front of people? 78978 - Ruling on one who kills another in self-defence and dies – does he have to pay blood-money or offer expiation? 83613 - He divorced her in return for half of the mahr after he accused her. Does he have the right to this money?