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Punishment and Judicial Sentences

82201 - Is it permissible for him to kill practitioners of witchcraft without the permission of the authorities? 72831 - Should he give the policeman a bribe so that he won’t charge him a fine for speaking on the cell phone in the car? 72338 - Ruling on the crime of rape 41682 - The ruling on one who steals robs or rapes at knife-point or gun-point 66227 - Ruling on taking drugs, and do they come under the same heading as khamr (intoxicants)? 13926 - Can a thief have his hand surgically reattached? 12797 - Does this hadeeth contradict the principle of equality and justice in Islam? 14312 - It is not permissible to replace stoning of an adulterer with killing by the sword or by shooting 12406 - Why should a person who disbelieves after becoming Muslim be executed? 12461 - If a person commits a crime which deserves a hadd punishment in a land that is not ruled according to that which Allaah has revealed, what is to be done? 47086 - Returning stolen property to its kaafir owners 27113 - Will the zaani (fornicator) who repents be forgiven even if the hadd punishment is not carried out on him? 27259 - Ruling on the things that lead to zina – kissing, touching and being alone together 21058 - The punishment for lesbianism 20848 - He hugged his sister when they were both naked 21716 - She fed her mother something harmful and she died 7545 - He has repented from stealing from the kuffaar 20037 - What is the punishment for one who drinks alcohol, and are his prayer and fasting valid? 14238 - Why is the hand cut off in the case of stealing but not in the case of (daylight) robbery or seizing by force? 14240 - What is the difference between compensation (diyah) and theft (sariqah) when it comes to the hand?