192889 - He is 16 years old; his father told him to drive the car, and he hit a child, and the child died. What should he do? 175020 - She gave a painkiller to a patient with heart failure and the patient died 217995 - Ruling on blowing oneself up 191643 - Waswaas and suicide 147435 - Family Wants Abortion Because Pregnancy Due to Zina 158282 - What is the difference between the ruling on rape and the ruling on fornication or adultery? Can rape be proven by modern methods? 177305 - She became Muslim after having an illegitimate pregnancy aborted; will Allah forgive her and will she meet her child in Paradise? 162284 - She has to fast for two months but she broke the fast for the sake of her foetus; does this affect the continuity of her fast? 146584 - He wasn’t driving the car himself; can he benefit from comprehensive insurance? 147544 - She covered her daughter with a light cover when it was very cold and the girl died 146375 - She became mentally ill then she killed herself; is she regarded as having committed suicide? 151016 - Ruling on aborting a dead foetus 109218 - His car hit a hole that contained a mine and his daughter and wife died 124773 - Can we rely on tracking (qiyaafah) to find criminals? 126031 - If he hits a car and the insurance pays some of the costs to the other party, does he have to pay the rest? 12475 - Rulings to do with abortion 119858 - She is three weeks pregnant and her husband is threatening her with divorce if she does not abort the foetus 106516 - Can a person who kills another accidentally inherit from the deceased? 110690 - He had an argument with his wife and hit her head against the wall and she died 106448 - He ordered the zaani to marry the zaaniyah and abort the foetus; what should he do?