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106448 - He ordered the zaani to marry the zaaniyah and abort the foetus; what should he do? 104855 - Accepting diyah (blood money) instead of qisaas (retaliation) in the case of deliberate killing 103423 - She aborted the foetus in the first month because she hates her husband 82334 - Ruling on abortion, divorcing a pregnant woman and putting pressure on a wife to make her give up her rights 85046 - Aborting the foetus before forty days because of one’s psychological and social situation 79142 - Can he accept money in return for being beaten and humiliated in front of people? 82851 - If the wife is sick and cannot bear the hardships of pregnancy, should she abort the foetus? 91508 - Does a border guard have to offer expiation if he kills a smuggler? 78978 - Ruling on one who kills another in self-defence and dies – does he have to pay blood-money or offer expiation? 89996 - If a person dies because of driving too fast, is he regarded as having committed suicide? 93152 - She claimed that she was pregnant with a child from him and had an abortion, and he paid the expenses 82440 - The doctors aborted the foetus without her knowledge, out of fear for her life 75408 - They became Muslim after they got divorced and they have a daughter. What are the rights of both of them? 40269 - Husband forcing his wife to abort a pregnancy 12289 - Ruling on aborting a deformed foetus 11875 - She had an abortion in the second month; does she have to offer any expiation? 48996 - Her husband is going to divorce her and she is in the early stages of pregnancy. Can she have an abortion? 33683 - Blood-money and expiation must be paid if one kills a kaafir who is protected by sharee’ah 39502 - A vehicle overturned in front of him and he hit it, and two people died 42321 - Ruling on aborting a pregnancy in the early stages