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Youth Counselling

128846 - She was a Raafidi, then Allah blessed her with guidance but her family will not let her marry a Sunni man 14549 - I am praying for a righteous husband but nothing has happened 20744 - Should she refuse marriage to someone who has a bad past? 26811 - controlling Urges Through Fasting 130645 - He makes some useful contributions on the Internet and sometimes he checks out haraam things, should he stay there or leave? 129670 - She has committed sin and wants to repent 40589 - Practising the secret habit (masturbation) in Ramadaan 127587 - He said to his fiancée: If you conceal anything from me, you will be haraam to me after marriage 12832 - Looking at a young female doctor who is teaching him 125966 - She is studying in a mixed university and she wants to leave it and wear niqab even though her parents object 10050 - Why does Islam forbid lesbianism and homosexuality? 69810 - Young men and women are doing charitable work; is it permissible for them to meet in order to organise the work? 39768 - A religious young man is suffering with the secret habit (masturbation) because of watching TV 27176 - He wants to repent from homosexuality and needs help 106441 - She forsook her friends, but this had a negative effect on her – advice 8827 - A mixed school is haraam according to sharee’ah 113970 - He studies in a mixed school in a foreign country and is asking about attending “sex education” classes 104078 - The danger of admiration between members of the same sex, the remedy, and how the one who is admired should react 111796 - What should a person do who has the problem of looking at women? 112434 - He loves a girl but his family refuses her because of her father’s bad reputation