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Employment for a Salary

198784 - Earning money from advertising websites on condition that one pays a subscription fee 198024 - A servant is not getting her salary or food 199183 - Can the telecommunications company stipulate in its contract that there will be a financial penalty for cancelling the contract? 218803 - He rented a floor in his building for an Islamic centre, and they hold Friday prayers there and cause inconvenience to others 175776 - Government employees getting contracts by direct appointment 201382 - Rights of a female servant over her employers 97625 - Stipulating the condition of comprehensive insurance in lease-to-own contracts 202324 - Inseminating cattle in the veterinary clinic is permissible and does not come under the heading of “stud fees of a stallion”, which is prohibited 107120 - Using the pharmacist’s name to get a licence in return for a monthly salary 172562 - Ruling on renting for an indefinite period; and what is the maximum length for renting? 176887 - Ruling on renting out unlimited space on the Internet and hosting websites 139498 - Buying a house through a rent-to-own scheme 170543 - Ruling on renting a house to a Hindu 163352 - He opens an account on a downloading website, then he rents this account to others 147821 - He gets a contract to do some work then hires people to do it for less pay 150529 - Working in an automobile repair shop for insurance companies 147251 - Ruling on renting out his share of the shop to his partner 148214 - Ruling on being hired to transport the coffin of a kaafir to the church and the graveyard 156154 - Can he force his wife to give up her job? 152774 - He rented an apartment and left it before the end of the rental period; does he have to pay the outstanding rent?