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Employment for a Salary

136146 - Renting out part of the mosque in order to make money from it 39508 - Appointing an agent to make a purchase, and the agent benefitting from the product bought 46667 - Can he rent the traditional set of jewellery and then return it to the jeweller in order to get married? 34590 - If a person is hired to do a job, it is permissible for him to hire someone else to do it 26201 - It is better for workers to hasten to pray when they hear the adhaan 141623 - He has a shop for repairing gold, and some customers leave their gold and do not come back for it; can he take possession of it? 142687 - The plumber forgot to close the water line; is he liable for damage that was caused because of that? 21688 - Should he work for a company whose boss is a kaafir? 26801 - Ruling on go-betweens 141739 - Taking fees from children to look at animals and birds 127807 - Ruling on renting out the accommodation provided for him by the company 105404 - Renter asking for money in return for ending the rental agreement ahead of time 112163 - Ruling on fixing or maintaining mobile phones and selling them 105344 - He sets up training courses, then he makes a contract with the trainer and the owner of the venue 118154 - Renting out dry-cleaning equipment to the worker for a monthly rent 105154 - It was stipulated that he should not use electrical appliances in the student residence 121386 - If he says to the broker: Sell this for such and such an amount and anything more than that is yours 127513 - Is it permissible for the broker to receive payment from the car’s owner in return for selling it for him? 125808 - A website transfers money to anyone who answers certain questions 20421 - Is it permissible to rent from kaafirs?