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Employment for a Salary

104979 - The company is asking the contract holder to settle the bill 105325 - Ruling on working as a web designer 101775 - Renting a shop for one who sells permissible goods, and other goods that may be used for halaal or haraam purposes 82568 - Can the renter rent out the house that he is renting? 106444 - Guiding others to feasibility studies on the internet in return for money 105341 - Ruling on renting out a hall to someone who will hold a mixed party there 100797 - Ruling on renting that ends with a promise of ownership, based on the first payment and other fees 99799 - Ruling on buying by hire-purchase 98495 - Ruling on working as a manager in a restaurant that sells haraam things 99967 - She is a tailor and tells her customers to buy from certain shops in return for a percentage 98555 - Ruling on renting a shop to open an internet café 98296 - He runs a company hosting web domains and found out that a website owner was using it to lure women 91259 - Can he transport people in his own car for a fee? 88026 - The administration want to move him to other accommodation 82279 - After doing the job he demanded a large payment 90193 - Ruling on sewing dresses for women, some of whom make a wanton display of themselves (tabarruj) 83242 - Does she have to return the dish to the owners of the furnished apartment? 82292 - Working in the construction and finishing of hotels and resorts 82669 - Depositing money in riba-based banks out of necessity, in order to protect the money 52822 - She wants to take the notebook of her servant on the grounds that she taught her what is in it