Ruling on jobs

186102 - Is it permissible for the maintenance team to take turns sleeping during the night shift? 200400 - How can a person who fell short in his work make amends for his sin? 178796 - Is it permissible to work as a butcher in a non-Muslim country where they do not slaughter the meat in the manner prescribed in Islam? 202904 - Riba is haraam for the one who takes it and the one who pays it, and it is haraam to help with it in any way whatsoever 210263 - The boss is mistreating an employee and not giving him his due wages; is it permissible for the accountant to restore the employee’s right without the knowledge of the boss so as to redress the wrong that has been done? 112871 - Ruling on working in the police 174635 - Ruling on working with companies that do surveys on the Internet 201892 - He works as a nurse, which means that he may do some things that are not acceptable according to sharee‘ah 163469 - She is an author who writes stories and articles in English, and is asking about the ruling on writing and receiving payment for it 137166 - He works in a company that stores files of various companies, including insurance companies and riba-based banks 147783 - Ruling on working in a debt purchasing company 191979 - He stole money from the company and he is asking about the ruling on his prayer and other acts of worship 191752 - The company gave him some money to buy a computer to develop his skills at work; is it permissible for him to sell it and make use of the money? 184722 - She stopped working for a while and a salary was transferred to her for this period; is it permissible for her to take this salary? 101446 - How should a surgeon pray when the times for prayer are close together in the winter? 172084 - Is it permissible to work as a bus driver of a bus carrying advertisements for haraam things? 181330 - He was absent from work with the permission of his immediate boss, but without the management’s knowledge 147066 - He teaches children at home in return for a monthly payment; if the child is absent is he entitled to payment? 138974 - His boss tells him to accept work from contractors that is contrary to the required specifications 131437 - Her work is putting together da‘wah pamphlets and she takes quotes from here and there (instead of writing them herself)