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Ruling on jobs

95353 - He is being asked to erase the faults shown by the computer so that the customers will not see them 94990 - Working in an internet café where they allow movies and music 93019 - He got a forged certificate so that he could get a promotion and a better salary 95887 - Can he open a shop to repair audio-visual equipment? 92978 - Boss choosing a female secretary for the workplace 71338 - Ruling on appointing a woman as a judge 75636 - Her relative’s husband went against the health regulations in the bakery; can she penalize him for that? 75613 - Is it permissible to work as a lawyer? 82704 - Ruling on working for newspapers 72328 - Ruling on tips for workers and the ruling on working in a hotel in which there are haraam things 84956 - Deducting from an employees wages because of his mistakes 90076 - She completes her evening work before the time ends can she record the time in full? 85045 - She works in a residence for foreign female students 88047 - She works in a store and some money was stolen from it, and she is afraid that she will be accused 85055 - Teachers leaving before the end of working hours because there are no students present 85053 - They are playing about with their attendance hours with the knowledge of the administration 82886 - Working as a storekeeper in a hotel where there is alcohol 59897 - Should he travel to kaafir countries or work in a tourist resort? 83999 - She works in a company is owned by numerous partners including riba-based banks 47779 - He refuses to teach music to the students, and he is asking about his salary