Ruling on jobs

72328 - Ruling on tips for workers and the ruling on working in a hotel in which there are haraam things 84956 - Deducting from an employees wages because of his mistakes 90076 - She completes her evening work before the time ends can she record the time in full? 85045 - She works in a residence for foreign female students 88047 - She works in a store and some money was stolen from it, and she is afraid that she will be accused 85055 - Teachers leaving before the end of working hours because there are no students present 85053 - They are playing about with their attendance hours with the knowledge of the administration 82886 - Working as a storekeeper in a hotel where there is alcohol 59897 - Should he travel to kaafir countries or work in a tourist resort? 83999 - She works in a company is owned by numerous partners including riba-based banks 47779 - He refuses to teach music to the students, and he is asking about his salary 60183 - Should he pay money in order to get a job? 72833 - Doing one’s own work during official work hours 82292 - Working in the construction and finishing of hotels and resorts 72839 - His job is making sure that the company’s files are recorded properly, including files dealing with riba-based loans 82799 - Can he work as a typist in a law office that defends criminals? 71303 - Can he open a store to do cupping in return for payment? 79636 - Is it permissible for an employee to read Qur’aan during work hours? 35573 - Writing down people’s complaints – among whom are wrongdoers – so that they may submit them to the courts 79549 - Ruling on a man teaching girls without any barrier