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Ruling on jobs

60183 - Should he pay money in order to get a job? 72833 - Doing one’s own work during official work hours 82292 - Working in the construction and finishing of hotels and resorts 72839 - His job is making sure that the company’s files are recorded properly, including files dealing with riba-based loans 82799 - Can he work as a typist in a law office that defends criminals? 71303 - Can he open a store to do cupping in return for payment? 79636 - Is it permissible for an employee to read Qur’aan during work hours? 35573 - Writing down people’s complaints – among whom are wrongdoers – so that they may submit them to the courts 79549 - Ruling on a man teaching girls without any barrier 75644 - What is the ruling on professional pursuit of football (soccer)? 46203 - He works in a video game store and is asking about his income 50398 - He works in a mixed environment and is worried about his fast 60221 - Is it permissible for a woman to work selling products over the phone? 60407 - Is it permissible to delay payment of salaries to employees? 60199 - He got his university certificate through an intermediary and got a job with it. What should he do? 39178 - Is it permissible for her to pray in front of employees at work? 72404 - Working for a company that sells gold on credit 59864 - Writing a letter stating salary for someone who will use it to get a riba-based loan 70319 - Should he shave his beard for the sake of work ? 60134 - It is hard for him to go to work so he signs in as present on the days when he is absent