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Ruling on jobs

67787 - Ruling on working in Bank al-Bilaad 67610 - Is his preferring to work with non-Muslims regarded as taking them as close friends? 66146 - Working as a customs broker and the wages of a broker 46704 - Ruling on working as a security guard in an hotel 41105 - Ruling on working in a company that promotes satellite channels 27068 - Should he take what he entitled to without the one who wronged him knowing? 49829 - Ruling on working for a company that maintains the Central Bank building 43062 - He works as the deputy manager in a hotel that sells alcohol – what is the ruling on his work? 34518 - If there is half an hour left of the regular work hours of a field worker, should he go back to the office? 40234 - He told the students to pay money towards classroom renovations and he gives them grades accordingly 34718 - Important and precise conditions for committing an evil action by force of necessity in order to serve the interests of the Muslims 38877 - He wants to work in a company that produces programs for riba-based banks 27304 - Ruling on talking to women at work 33645 - Ruling on a man working in a hairdressing salon for women 9496 - Ruling on working as a defence lawyer 10946 - Working Only Enough to Survive and Rest of Time for Worship 20100 - It is permissible to accept payment for teaching Qur’aan 9978 - Ruling on telling bosses about a worker who is doing something wrong or is negligent 12489 - Should a boss agree to give permission to an employee who is cheating on the company’s time? 8802 - Asking about the circumstances of those who are seeking employment