Ruling on jobs

147066 - He teaches children at home in return for a monthly payment; if the child is absent is he entitled to payment? 138974 - His boss tells him to accept work from contractors that is contrary to the required specifications 131437 - Her work is putting together da‘wah pamphlets and she takes quotes from here and there (instead of writing them herself) 106963 - He works for a company and much of its income is from mukoos (taxes, levies) 130805 - Ruling on military salutes and saluting the flag 98402 - Can he work as a doctor in the army even though he will have to shave off his beard? 174687 - Ruling on working in a restaurant that sells pork or in a beauty salon to pay tuition fees 173073 - He works as a security guard in a store that sells alcohol; what is the ruling on his work? 171132 - She wants to open a beauty salon and is asking about offering her services to non-Muslim women 175092 - Ruling on making a game engine and open source which will be used to make both permissible and haraam games 176564 - Ruling on working as a security guard for a building in which there is an insurance company 115160 - Working in a programming company whose clients include riba-based banks and companies that produce alcohol 169809 - Ruling on working as a cashier in a place that sells pork and cigarettes 106925 - Ruling on operating and maintaining of broadcast equipment for satellite channels and radio stations 165993 - Ruling on working for a Christian who makes fun of Islam 169562 - Ruling on raising pigs and rats for university laboratories 165952 - Working in a money transfer company that belongs to a riba-based bank 165959 - Ruling on working as a technician in an airline company that serves alcohol to passengers 50074 - Is it permissible for him to sell gifts that have to do with kaafir festivals? 150305 - She worked in the university and they gave her free tuition. Now she has stopped working; can she complete her studies?