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Ruling on jobs

106925 - Ruling on operating and maintaining of broadcast equipment for satellite channels and radio stations 165993 - Ruling on working for a Christian who makes fun of Islam 169562 - Ruling on raising pigs and rats for university laboratories 165952 - Working in a money transfer company that belongs to a riba-based bank 165959 - Ruling on working as a technician in an airline company that serves alcohol to passengers 50074 - Is it permissible for him to sell gifts that have to do with kaafir festivals? 150305 - She worked in the university and they gave her free tuition. Now she has stopped working; can she complete her studies? 150855 - Ruling on working outside of regular hours for oneself in the workplace 150529 - Working in an automobile repair shop for insurance companies 170635 - He wants to alter his certification in order to get the job 169955 - Ruling on designing websites which offer help in getting riba-based loans 150940 - Is he responsible for the death of the one who was hurt in this accident? 170654 - Health insurance and the ruling on working in the insurance department of the hospital 42521 - Working as a lawyer in a country that is ruled by something other than that which Allaah has revealed 42523 - Working as a lawyer in the Islamic judicial system 158484 - Ruling on working in a bakery that sells cakes for the New Year and sweets for weddings 158009 - He works for a company that sells CDs of Qur’aan and hadeeth, and also CDs of music and movies 159512 - Is it permissible for him in his job to help jobseekers to work in haraam organisations? 20959 - Should he sit with his colleagues at work when they are drinking alcohol? 147825 - He gets the product and sells it for his own benefit when the item is not available in the store where he works