Ruling on jobs

69820 - Ruling on salary if one acquired the certificate by cheating 153084 - She did some training in the Islamic branch of a riba-based bank and she is asking about the ruling on her salary 40509 - A security guard sleeping when he has nothing to do 148773 - Ruling on working in a company that sells toys that have music 148431 - Can an employee receive both his salary and a share of the profits? Is it permissible for him to receive a bonus in return for his work? 103325 - The head of the department lets them leave one hour before the end of the work day 148476 - Is it permissible for men to wear watches made of gold? 143737 - He works in a restaurant and takes tips with the knowledge of the owner 148955 - The owner of the factory is cheating in weights and measures; should he carry on working with him? 148581 - Woman working in the perfume business 144975 - He studied in an institute by means of a trick; should he work in the profession that he has learned? 70520 - He works in a company in which there is a restaurant that sells alcohol and pork 36599 - He treated the financial director and he gave him some money 148390 - Working in a call centre belonging to a riba-based institution 146574 - There are no mosques near the farm; should he give up his work on the farm? 144135 - He works in a company that facilitates dealing with permissible and haraam stocks 143178 - Is it permissible to work as a sales manager in a company that produces contraceptive pills? 126093 - The imam of the mosque is telling the muezzin that he has to pay a salary to the cleaner who is working instead of the official cleaner who does not do any work! 130118 - A company does assignments for students with the permission of the University 146801 - Working for mail companies that transport parcels that may be both permissible and haraam