Ruling on jobs

141148 - Differences between private and governmental organisations with regard to using their property for personal ends 129839 - Making loans easy for bank customers in return for payment 121959 - Using company car for personal purposes 82617 - She works for a company that is partly owned by two riba-based banks. Is her work haraam? 142006 - The ruling on studying networking for one who will use it for haraam purposes 142550 - Is it permissible to translate a book that contains beliefs of kufr? 138374 - Opening an account in the bank to have one's wages transferred to it 132911 - Ruling on a doctor who misses the prayer because he is busy with surgery 132756 - Ruling on working as an accountant in a company that manufactures women's clothing 130734 - Ruling on taking payment for interpreting dreams 20869 - Ruling on female servants working in households, and are they female slaves?! 128989 - He worked for his father in return for payment, and he took some of it and used to spend from his father’s wealth without his knowledge 128398 - It is not permissible for you not to fast because of work 127936 - She has received a proposal from a young man who works as a producer for magazine programs on television 125623 - Ruling on jury duty in a non-Islamic court in a non-Muslim country 106422 - Working on a program which helps with the running of a supermarket, which includes sale of alcohol 127491 - He works as a nurse in a hospital and cannot help touching women when treating them 112024 - Ruling on building tourist resorts and taking part in that 118189 - Working in auditing offices when there is riba in the companies’ accounts 128548 - He rents out the hotel to those who pay with credit cards and he delays going to the riba-based bank to get his money from it