Ruling on jobs

42950 - Ruling on teaching man-made laws 118294 - Ruling on working in the Saudi Investment Bank 106964 - Benefiting from experience acquired in a haraam job 127224 - Ruling on working in the tourism field as a booking agent 127013 - Ruling on changing one's date of birth in order to continue working 118353 - Ruling on working in a cafe which allows smoking and in which football (soccer) matches are shown on TV 111776 - Should they ask for their salaries to be increased like the salaries of their colleagues who are sponsored by the Association? 105296 - Should he tell on an employee who goes to permissive websites? 83405 - He works in a hotel and he tells the guests about places where there is dancing and music 112137 - Ruling on investing in Internet cafes 12786 - Ruling on working as a film developer 127197 - Is it permissible to accept payment for additional work that is not actually done? 103181 - Ruling on studying accountancy and working as an accountant in various companies and organizations 125118 - He works in a mixed environment in a non-Muslim country; should he leave it and take unemployment benefit or carry on working there? 117829 - Should he enter a program during which he will see women’s awrahs so that he can graduate quickly for his father’s sake? 125799 - Arranging hotel reservations for travellers inside the Kingdom and abroad 125652 - A teacher worked some additional hours in administrative tasks but the director recorded them as teaching hours 106505 - Using school equipment for personal purposes 106504 - Difference in quality of teaching between lessons in school and private lessons 107144 - What are haraam types of jobs? How did the Sahaabah earn a living? What is the best way to earn a living?