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Ruling on jobs

125118 - He works in a mixed environment in a non-Muslim country; should he leave it and take unemployment benefit or carry on working there? 117829 - Should he enter a program during which he will see women’s awrahs so that he can graduate quickly for his father’s sake? 125799 - Arranging hotel reservations for travellers inside the Kingdom and abroad 125652 - A teacher worked some additional hours in administrative tasks but the director recorded them as teaching hours 106505 - Using school equipment for personal purposes 106504 - Difference in quality of teaching between lessons in school and private lessons 107144 - What are haraam types of jobs? How did the Sahaabah earn a living? What is the best way to earn a living? 120891 - Ruling on owning, renting and renting out beauty salons for women and the ruling on working in them 110902 - Doing Hajj with money he earned by working in a company that produces tobacco 112128 - He got a promotion at work via bribery. Is his salary haraam? 110676 - Working in administration supervised by a ministry that supervises taxes and customs 47396 - Ruling on working as the manager of an Internet café 47067 - Using the company’s property for personal things 117716 - Ruling on working in an Islamic nasheed group 26123 - Salary of an employee who cheated in his exam 104930 - Ruling on training in a riba-based bank during the holiday in order to gain experience 113898 - Ruling on working in a law company whose field of work is financial markets 69795 - A teacher uses his teaching time in activities and other things 102782 - Ruling on producing TV reports, and ruling on the wealth earned thereby 102214 - Ruling on working in a shop that rents out wedding dresses