Ruling on jobs

112128 - He got a promotion at work via bribery. Is his salary haraam? 110676 - Working in administration supervised by a ministry that supervises taxes and customs 47396 - Ruling on working as the manager of an Internet café 47067 - Using the company’s property for personal things 117716 - Ruling on working in an Islamic nasheed group 26123 - Salary of an employee who cheated in his exam 104930 - Ruling on training in a riba-based bank during the holiday in order to gain experience 113898 - Ruling on working in a law company whose field of work is financial markets 69795 - A teacher uses his teaching time in activities and other things 102782 - Ruling on producing TV reports, and ruling on the wealth earned thereby 102214 - Ruling on working in a shop that rents out wedding dresses 111839 - Ruling on a woman working as a broadcaster in radio and television 106910 - Ruling on working as a physical education teacher 99057 - Should he submit a false report about his travelling expenses in order to pay off his taxes? 99392 - Working as an intermediary between businessmen and his company in return for payment 93122 - Ruling on disposing of samples after testing them 102655 - Ruling on receiving salary via a riba-based bank and keeping part of it in that bank 106929 - She had a contract to work for two years, but the contract was cancelled after one year and she is still receiving the salary 106613 - Working in a riba-based bank with no pay in order to learn the accounting and networking systems 102253 - The imam and muezzin are alternating in leading the prayer and giving the adhaan (call to prayer)