Ruling on jobs

106613 - Working in a riba-based bank with no pay in order to learn the accounting and networking systems 102253 - The imam and muezzin are alternating in leading the prayer and giving the adhaan (call to prayer) 95474 - The boss lets them record a half day as a full day 99359 - False medical excuses used by students and employees 93377 - He saved the government some money; can he take compensation without their knowing? 99498 - The administration of the blood bank is forcing clients to donate blood 102887 - Signing up with a lawyers’ syndicate 101810 - Changing one’s age on the ID card in order to get two salaries from the company 102537 - Ruling on working in the manufacture of pet food that contains pork 97231 - She has given up working as a pharmacist and is now teaching Qur’aan 101806 - Signing up for the Google AdSense program 99628 - Working for a company that deals with another that sells alcohol 99346 - Ruling on working on a program that enables company clients to trade in shares 99749 - He wants to open a shop but he needs training where he will be forced to taste sweets containing alcohol and gelatine 101654 - Working in construction or painting of a house for a fortune-teller or practitioner of witchcraft 99979 - One who is employed to move haraam things such as musical instruments 98822 - Ruling on opening a barbershop for men 97896 - Ruling on taking part and working in savings accounts 98621 - Giving lessons outside of school in something other than his speciality 95781 - Does accepting payment for teaching Qur’aan and Arabic deprive a person of the reward?