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Ruling on jobs

99749 - He wants to open a shop but he needs training where he will be forced to taste sweets containing alcohol and gelatine 101654 - Working in construction or painting of a house for a fortune-teller or practitioner of witchcraft 99979 - One who is employed to move haraam things such as musical instruments 98822 - Ruling on opening a barbershop for men 97896 - Ruling on taking part and working in savings accounts 98621 - Giving lessons outside of school in something other than his speciality 95781 - Does accepting payment for teaching Qur’aan and Arabic deprive a person of the reward? 98062 - Ruling on working in a programming company that has another section which designs websites for advertising alcohol 96614 - Working washing glasses used for wine in a restaurant where Allaah is reviled 98022 - Working in the Islamic section of a bank even though there is mixing 85190 - Can the teacher repeat the exam so that the students will get better grades? 85441 - Working in production of electronic chips that will be used in TVs, satellite dishes, computers and cars 85191 - He is working in a store and is afraid that they will ask him to carry pork to the trucks 96310 - The boss distributed to them money that was for the office and he let them use their own cars 84945 - She received a proposal from an engineer who works in a bank – should she accept? 95316 - Ruling on working in al-Rajhi Bank 72314 - Is it permissible to work in a mint? 93579 - Should she take her salary without working? 82338 - Ruling on dealing in cosmetics and hairdressers’ supplies 95389 - Using the computer at work for personal reasons