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Prohibited Jobs

225436 - Starting a business mainly aimed at supplying food and drink for wedding parties and Christian celebrations 178796 - Is it permissible to work as a butcher in a non-Muslim country where they do not slaughter the meat in the manner prescribed in Islam? 202904 - Riba is haraam for the one who takes it and the one who pays it, and it is haraam to help with it in any way whatsoever 100602 - Working as a dance teacher for women 106925 - Ruling on operating and maintaining of broadcast equipment for satellite channels and radio stations 50074 - Is it permissible for him to sell gifts that have to do with kaafir festivals? 159009 - She works in a kindergarten where they serve pork once a month 158484 - Ruling on working in a bakery that sells cakes for the New Year and sweets for weddings 159512 - Is it permissible for him in his job to help jobseekers to work in haraam organisations? 83590 - Should he give the telephone worker a tip even though he has a salary? 31781 - Working for a company that cheats, and the ruling on working in a company in which some things are permissible and some are haraam 44922 - Editing a book containing pictures 70520 - He works in a company in which there is a restaurant that sells alcohol and pork 143127 - Ruling on the salary of one who works in a mixed workplace 36524 - He cannot find any work except renovating churches 123015 - He installs Internet service for users and he does not know what they use it for 103181 - Ruling on studying accountancy and working as an accountant in various companies and organizations 106504 - Difference in quality of teaching between lessons in school and private lessons 34597 - Ruling on repairing machines that are usually used for haraam purposes 116371 - He drives a taxi and takes passengers to bars and night clubs