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Prohibited Jobs

104002 - Ruling on teaching in a Christian school 112175 - Ruling on working as an accountant in companies, institutions and factories 102782 - Ruling on producing TV reports, and ruling on the wealth earned thereby 105335 - Receiving payment for giving testimonye 81778 - Should he work in a grocery store that sells lottery tickets or in a place that sells alcohol and pork?! 103918 - Salary from Unlawful Work 98527 - Is it required to specify the length of the rental period, and what is the ruling on paying per click for advertisements? 82593 - He works in marketing of a program to deal in shares 103417 - Ruling on mediating in the sale of a tourist village 98383 - He is asking about marrying a girl who works as an accountant in a tobacco company 95378 - Dealing with a company that sells gold by means of pyramid marketing 96614 - Working washing glasses used for wine in a restaurant where Allaah is reviled 85191 - He is working in a store and is afraid that they will ask him to carry pork to the trucks 82338 - Ruling on dealing in cosmetics and hairdressers’ supplies 89873 - He worked as a company representative with the banks then he repented, but he handed over his job to someone else and trained him 82704 - Ruling on working for newspapers 87788 - Is it permissible to work in newspaper distribution in America? 45852 - Should he work in agriculture with a riba-based loan? 82873 - He has an internet café and is asking about his income 69965 - Should he obey his father and shave people’s beards in his shop?