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Prohibited Jobs

78210 - Ruling on the money that a lawyer gets for defending a drug dealer 82356 - A young woman is asking about working in a casino 75443 - He brings his customers to sinful places and receives a commission for that from their owners 65605 - It is difficult for him to pray qiyaam because of his work situation and because he is a heavy sleeper 60199 - He got his university certificate through an intermediary and got a job with it. What should he do? 42579 - Fatwa from the Standing Committee on the “Business and “Hibbat al-Jazeerah” companies and pyramid marketing schemes 41105 - Ruling on working in a company that promotes satellite channels 40651 - Is it permissible to sell haraam things like pork to non-Muslims? 49829 - Ruling on working for a company that maintains the Central Bank building 34672 - Opening an internet café in which there is no supervision of users 38877 - He wants to work in a company that produces programs for riba-based banks 26788 - Woman working in a home for the elderly 26964 - Prohibition against spying on others 21113 - Working in a riba-based bank without directly dealing with riba and depositing money in such a bank 14102 - Working in an alcohol factory 11349 - He has been offered a job in a bank that deals in riba (interest) 8196 - Taking payment for shaving beards is haraam 10398 - A taxi driver takes some people to haraam places 11789 - Should he fix a computer in which there are naked pictures? 11517 - Making a program which will be used for halaal and haraam