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Gifts and Presents

191708 - He collected money for his father’s medical treatment; what is the ruling on the surplus money? 192033 - Ruling on a father giving wealth to his children and heirs whilst he is still alive 153385 - He gave his infant grandson a car as a gift, but he did not give anything to his other grandchildren 193898 - He gave one of his wives a house with the agreement of his children from his other wife; after he died, they objected. Is the gift valid or is it part of the estate? 198250 - His father gives him money for his university expenses, then there is some extra money left over; is it permissible for him to take it? 181729 - Is it permissible for him to accept membership in a Housing Society, which will enable him to get a flat for a cheap price? 198227 - His father wants to take back his gift after he was successful in doing business with it 187154 - His grandfather divided his wealth between his male children and deprived the females; what should the heirs do? 200713 - Ruling on the grandfather showing preference to some of his grandchildren in gift giving 197280 - He does not have any children and he wants to give his wealth to his wife and his brother’s daughter and donate the rest to charity 186260 - Is it permissible for her to accept gifts from the mothers of children whom she teaches in their homes? 125222 - Her father paid her university fees, then the university returned the fees as a prize to her; does her father have the right to take them? 177327 - Is it permissible for a man to put a house in his ex-wife’s name? 142317 - Are gifts for weddings and other occasions like a debt that must be given to the giver on a subsequent special occasion? 177833 - He died and left behind a son and six daughters 178463 - He gave more to the males than to the females then he died 158005 - Is it permissible for them to register what the father owns in one of the sons’ names because their father’s wife wants to do that for herself? 165881 - Should she return the wedding dress to the fiancé after cancelling the engagement or does she have to return its price? 150386 - Muslim woman accepting support and gifts from a non-Muslim father 158847 - He wants to use the student bursary to go for Hajj