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Gifts and Presents

146369 - Ruling on giving zakaah to Ahl al-Bayt 162901 - She is not comfortable with the idea of taking assistance from a non-Muslim government for her husband’s parents 146186 - His maternal aunt gave him a house then she died, and he wants to sell it 146332 - He is a teacher in a village whose people gave him some olive oil, and he does not know whether it was zakaah or a gift 150970 - He gave her an engagement ring and they differed as to whether it was a gift or a loan 153553 - He wants to give a piece of land to his children, sons and daughters; how should he divide it among them? 149278 - Ruling on baby showers 147779 - Is it permissible to give Zamzam water to a non-Muslim person who is sick? 133975 - His work gave him the task of buying an apartment; does he have any right to the broker’s fee? 39488 - It is not permissible for your father to accept what is given to him because of his work 49015 - Ruling on lender accepting a gift from the borrower 8375 - Collecting donations to give gifts to poor families at Christmas 74974 - He takes care of his paternal aunt and looks after her affairs – can she give him a gift to the exclusion of his siblings? 137116 - Is it permissible for the father to sell his property to one of his sons and not the other? 127641 - Can perfume be given as a gift to a woman who will go out wearing it in the street? 127777 - Can the mother give a large part of her wealth to one of her daughters who is going to get married? 119188 - Giving the representative money to buy from him 119655 - If he lets one of his sons live in an apartment for free, is he obliged to treat the rest of his sons equally? 126486 - Her relative works in a haraam job and gave her some money as a gift 34658 - He has been given money to help him get married – should he accept it?