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Gifts and Presents

22762 - Teacher accepting a gift from the students 101859 - He gave her gifts to marry him; can he ask for the gifts to be returned if she refuses to marry him? 99799 - Ruling on buying by hire-purchase 98819 - Programmers saying: “If you like this program then you can donate to the programmer” 9810 - Her father is asking her for some of her dowry 89882 - His father gave him something then he died before the son took it 85347 - Fairness Between Children in Spending and Gift-Giving 82461 - Accept a gift even if it is humble 95300 - Can one give a gift to a friend for buying a house with a riba-based loan? 93045 - She is helping her parents from her salary without her husband’s knowledge 94870 - His friend works in the airport and is going to get him a ticket for free – should he accept it? 83984 - If he gives his son a car, does he have to give the same to his daughter too? 82330 - Ruling on the children of the mujaahideen who fought against French colonialism taking money from the state 89923 - They are going to buy a house – should they put it in his name or hers? 72326 - Is it permissible for a husband to give a gift to his wife and not to the rest of his heirs? 82497 - Ruling on giving tips to plumbers, carpenters and phone company employees 82761 - If a father needs money, can he take money that his son has earned in a café? 75056 - He waived a financial right; can he renege on that waiving? 82386 - Giving a gift to a Qur’aan teacher 70272 - Can a gift not be given away or sold?