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Inheritance and distribution of the estate

191777 - He died and left behind a mother, two brothers and two sisters, and the Western court ruled that the mother is the only heir 200127 - He died and left debts behind, and some of his heirs refuse to pay them off 193159 - They divided their father’s estate apart from one house; how should it be divided, when some of them have died and others are still alive? 192234 - He died and left behind a wife, sons and daughters, and some of his children died before him. Do his grandchildren inherit the shares of his children who died before him? 188488 - Division of property that forms part of the estate, if some of the heirs raise objections 193158 - He died and left behind a wife and the sons of his half-brother through his mother only; are they entitled to a share of the inheritance? 193690 - Will her deceased husband be punished because his mother delayed giving his wife her due share of the inheritance? 192902 - She died and did not leave behind anyone but the daughter of a brother of hers; does (that niece) inherit from her? 197468 - He died and left behind a wife, a mother, and his brother’s children; how should the estate be divided? 187186 - It is not permissible for the guardian to dispose of wealth belonging to the one who is under his guardianship, except in a manner that will most likely be in the latter’s best interests 185972 - He died and left behind his sister and his brother’s children 196296 - Some of the heirs gave up their share of the estate to the children and wife of their brother; how should it be divided among them? 184222 - If a person dies and his heirs receive some money from his life-insurance, is it permissible for them to keep it? 175292 - Her mother bequeathed some gold to her youngest brother, but she kept it with her. What is the ruling on how it should be dealt with? 201975 - They did not carry out their father’s last wishes, and the ruling on doing Hajj before execution of the will 195240 - A woman died and left behind three daughters, grandchildren (daughter’s children), a full brother, a full sister, and sons of the full brother 195378 - She died before taking her share of her father’s estate, and left behind a husband and mother. What is the ruling? 219223 - He died and left behind a wife, a mother, two daughters and a brother 187154 - His grandfather divided his wealth between his male children and deprived the females; what should the heirs do? 183030 - Are her financial dues from her company to be shared among her heirs in the event of her death?