Inheritance and distribution of the estate

195951 - Is it permissible to buy the house that was bequeathed to some of the heirs and not others without their consent? 185199 - If he dies and leaves behind a father, mother, Christian wife, and brothers and sisters both full- and half-siblings, who among them inherits from him? 194322 - How can the daughters of the deceased be given their shares of the inheritance fifteen years after the death of their father? 197651 - What should he do about his paternal uncle who unlawfully took his house that he inherited from his father, and he cannot do anything about it? 197852 - Her married brother died before her father died; who has the right of inheritance after the death of her father? 193143 - How should they divide the house that they have inherited? They worked to complete it, some of them spent on construction and some spent on finishing it 193698 - Their father died and left them a house and a tailor shop; how should the estate be divided among them? 184120 - He built an apartment over his father’s house with his own money; do the heirs have any right to it? 192740 - She died and left behind two daughters, a sister and a nephew (brother’s son) 189181 - They inherited wealth from their father and invested it in some business; how should they pay zakaah? 104346 - She left instructions to deprive her oldest son of his inheritance because she had helped him to get married with her money 144593 - Is it acceptable to stipulate a condition in the marriage contract that her husband should not inherit from her if she dies? 127945 - If a couple died together in an accident, who inherits from whom? 177962 - She has a company with her husband; if he dies, will his second wife and her children inherit it? 177833 - He died and left behind a son and six daughters 164375 - Can he divide his estate among his heirs when he is sick? 178371 - Do their daughters have a share of the inheritance if they have no need of it? 178458 - He died and left behind a wife, three sons and five daughters 174779 - He wants to share out his money between his two young daughters because he fears that his heirs will be unjust to them 170244 - A man and his wife, son and daughter died in an accident; how should their estates be divided?