Inheritance and distribution of the estate

21696 - He bequeathed one-third of his wealth to his daughters as a punishment to his son for taking all the money 106599 - If he dies and leaves behind a son, the latter prevents his brothers and sisters from inheriting 98018 - Ruling on the so-called binding will (wasiyah waajibah) 94838 - Do the grandchildren get anything from the estate due to the law of binding wills (wasiyah waajibah)? 102408 - Ruling on allocating part of the estate for sponsorship of orphans 99960 - He died and left behind a mother, a father, a wife, nine sons and six daughters 98771 - He gave his mother a gift then she bequeathed it to him after her death 99273 - He died and left behind a wife, three sons and five daughters 97842 - Their mother prevented them from taking their share of their father’s estate, and issues concerning the fairness of giving (to one’s children) 99506 - He left a will bequeathing to the males and depriving the females – what should the heirs do? 100795 - He died and left behind a wife, two sons and three daughters 89882 - His father gave him something then he died before the son took it 93016 - He died and left behind a wife, four sons and four daughters 85495 - If there is only one relative, he takes the whole estate 95520 - He died and left behind a wife, a full sister and half-brothers and –sisters through his father 92969 - She died and left behind a daughter, husband and full brother 90925 - She died and left behind four daughters, a full sister and a granddaughter (son’s daughter) 88197 - She is very anxious because the second wife may inherit the same as her 91530 - She left gold to her daughter in her will are her brothers entitled to a share of it? 87838 - You have to return the money to its owners