Inheritance and distribution of the estate

84098 - Making a deal with the grandfather to give up his share of the inheritance before the estate is calculated 85136 - He died and left behind a wife and nephews and nieces 83065 - If a man dies and leaves behind a father and children, how is the estate divided? 83056 - He died and left behind a wife, two sons and three daughters 83283 - How should they share out the rent of a house that they inherited together? 72793 - He divided his wealth before he died and he gave to some of his children and not others 71297 - Is it permissible for him to divide his wealth among his heirs when he is still alive? 36872 - Can he give to one of his children and not the others if he is poor? 72571 - She died and left behind a daughter and a brother 76418 - How to distribute the estate among the children 70575 - Are grandchildren entitled to any share of their grandfather’s estate? 11724 - He died and left behind a mother, a father and a wife with whom he had not consummated the marriage 12684 - He died and left behind a mother, full siblings and half-brothers through his father 21925 - She died and left behind a full-brother, a half-brother through her father and her siblings’ children 40225 - Should a gold tooth be removed from the deceased? 47032 - Question about wills and inheritance 47057 - Division of parents’ estate between sons and daughters. 39795 - She betrayed her husband and put a spell on him, and he turned against his family 45018 - Should he accept his father’s money that was earned from haraam sources? 34661 - Can a mother through breastfeeding inherit?