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Inheritance and distribution of the estate

121 Their parents made bequests before they died stating that the estate was to be divided in a specific manner; do they have to follow that?.
122 Is it acceptable to stipulate a condition in the marriage contract that her husband should not inherit from her if she dies?.
123 The father did not divide the estate in accordance with sharee‘ah and he deprived his siblings (of their share of the estate); do they have to re-divide it?.
124 If a woman dies and leaves behind full siblings or half siblings through the mother.
125 A man and his wife, son and daughter died in an accident; how should their estates be divided?.
126 He died and left behind a wife, his parents, a son and daughter.
127 He wants to share out his money between his two young daughters because he fears that his heirs will be unjust to them.
128 Do their daughters have a share of the inheritance if they have no need of it?.
129 He died and left behind a son and six daughters.
130 He died and left behind a wife, three sons and five daughters.
131 She has a company with her husband; if he dies, will his second wife and her children inherit it?.
132 Can he divide his estate among his heirs when he is sick?.
133 If he dies and leaves behind a father, mother, Christian wife, and brothers and sisters both full- and half-siblings, who among them inherits from him?.
134 They inherited wealth from their father and invested it in some business; how should they pay zakaah?.
135 Their father died and left them a house and a tailor shop; how should the estate be divided among them?.
136 She died and left behind two daughters, a sister and a nephew (brother’s son).
137 Their father died and left them a shop that is run by some of the heirs; how should the estate be divided among them?.
138 She died and left behind two daughters, grandsons (son’s sons), and nephews and nieces; how should the estate be divided?.
139 What should he do about his paternal uncle who unlawfully took his house that he inherited from his father, and he cannot do anything about it?.
140 The heirs do not have the right to take back from their sister’s children a gift that she received from them with their consent, then her children inherited it.
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