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176025 - Ruling on buying additional warranty coverage for products 211456 - Should damage caused by misuse be included in the company's warranty? 198438 - He was the cause of his grandfather losing his Social Security pension; is he liable for that? 22830 - Replacing entrusted property 147916 - Ruling on letter of credit issued by the bank 139733 - It is not permissible for the trustee of a charity to borrow money for himself from the charity’s funds 69762 - Ruling on financial sponsorship; does it make a difference if the debt is transferred from one lender to another? 99382 - There is no zakaah on money that is being held as compensation for taking land 12046 - He offered a financial guarantee then he died. Should his heirs pay it off? 85095 - The company gives those who buy a mobile phone a ticket for a draw to win another mobile phone 83242 - Does she have to return the dish to the owners of the furnished apartment? 50016 - Is it permissible to act as guarantor for a person taking a loan from the bank? 26962 - She took a ring from her mother without permission and lost it 13634 - Rulings on destruction of property 11103 - Is it haraam to put a bag over the private parts of someone who suffers from incontinence? 9234 - Someone entrusted something to him in the Haram and left it behind; what should he do? 5428 - Penalty for late payment 3269 - He stole some public property which was then stolen from him 7832 - If a person’s haraam money is stolen, does he have to dispose of it a second time? 6249 - Ruling on raising the price of a product in order to extend the warranty