Borrowing & Lending

196316 - Will the debtor be regarded as no longer liable if the government or bank waive his debt? 217847 - He wants to borrow money from his friend to pay off a debt that he owes to the bank, and take another loan from the bank to pay off the debt to his friend; what is the ruling? 204700 - The company gave them a loan on condition that it would deduct a set amount from their salaries; what is the ruling? 165967 - Should he lend money to his sister when he knows that she is going to pay back the loan with haraam money? 170350 - Interest Bearing Loan to Get a Better Job 5345 - People borrow things and do not return them. What to do? 152793 - Is it permissible for the borrower to promise the lender a gift when paying off the loan? 158131 - It is not permissible to dispose of wealth given as a waqf for the mosque by lending or borrowing 23388 - Paying interest because of inflation is riba 146305 - Buying a foreclosed house if it is sold at auction because the borrower is not able to pay off the riba-based loan 74986 - Ruling on borrowing from one whose wealth is haraam 148458 - Ruling on giving a gift or doing a favour to the lender when paying off a loan 138078 - Is it permissible for his wife to take a loan from the Bab Rizq program in order to give him the money? 45687 - He is embarrassed to return the money to his neighbour because it is such a small amount 49015 - Ruling on lender accepting a gift from the borrower 13945 - It is permissible to waive part of a debt in return for bringing forward repayment. 118124 - If he bought a car by instalments and dies, will he not be forgiven until it is paid off on his behalf? 33700 - Should marriage be given priority over settling debts?` 13180 - Writing a debt and having it witnessed 125914 - He is taking a loan from the state to study and will pay back only half of it